Premium Crafted Envelopes


Presents laser crafted envelopes with a tinge of oriental style and modernity, perfect for all occasions! We believe in using premium quality papers for elegance and making the gifting experience memorable to you.


Design 1

130GSM Marble White



Design 2

120GSM Pearl Champagne



Designed and Crafted In-House


We want you to get the best of both worlds!

Envelopes are sold in a package containing 2 pieces per design, totalling up to 4 pieces.



Product Dimensions



Gift Personalisation

 Our gift personalisation service allows you to get your personal message printed on a card. The card will be stored in the package together with the envelopes. Things to take note of when considering this service:

  •  The font type and size are fixed
  • The card size can't be altered
  • Strictly words and no emojis
  • The paper type is similar to the illustration
  • You will receive 1 Card Per Pack
  • Additional fee of SGD$2
  • Ensure that your personal message meet the criteria shown in the second illustration


The images below serves as an illustrative purpose


Price is in SGD.

Shipping Details

International Shipping!

FREE SHIPPING on orders above SGD$50! 

Expect to receive package within 1 week if order was made via Standard / Free shipping option. 


Opt for Gift Personalisation

 Follow these steps for smooth transaction

1. Make payment for your order.

2. Drop us an email under Contact Us menu. Indicate your Order No. followed by your Personal Message and click 'Send'. The image below serves as a reference. (please follow accordingly)

*Phone number, eg: Country Code>> 65 for Singapore

3. We will email you shortly to confirm the personalisation details. Our design team will do our best to make your personal message look perfect.

4. Reply to our email stating 'Proceed' to approve the personal message artwork, otherwise let us know how we can improve it further.



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