Sabrina Tamami, Creative Director 

The design team behind N.Q.O's collections is led by designer Sabrina Tamami, a graduate of the Lasalle College of the Arts, who enjoys shaping designs into timeless pieces. With her immersive workforce experience in design specifically Graphics and Product along with her Fine Arts artistry in Illustrations, she challenge herself by revisiting and expanding her skill sets so that N.Q.O products can be truly unique and distinctive. 


Nur Ayse San (Aysha Nur), Art Director

The Craft and Production of N.Q.O’s collections is directed by Aysha Nur, a graduate of Lasalle College of The Arts and a scholarship graduate of Hongik University, South Korea, where she specialised in printmaking, and received an award of merit from the Korean Contemporary Printmakers Association.

Aysha enjoys anything that involves creating functional things from her own hands. Skilled in areas of printmaking, such as screen printing, Lithography and Photolithography for CMYK, Copperplate Etching, Embossing, Mezzotint and Textile Design and Print, she works with the creative director in realising design ideas and concepts, color, aesthetic quality and details.

She transforms the digital work into an art merchandise, and is in charge of crafting the product with both machinery, and by hand. Being skilled and having a keen eye for detail and precision when it comes to finished outcomes, she oversees the production and product quality in the company.