N.Q.O, which is short for Not.Quite.Ordinary is a creative company specialised in helping businesses build and enhance their Brand Identity through Packaging Design, Brand Logo, & Merchandise.
We focus on Customised Bespoke, Artisanal and VIP Gifts catered to Influential Figures and Corporations. 
Equipped with a Team of highly skilled professionals, capable of curating your story through all your design needs. 

Our Philosophy

N.Q.O stands as a brand that brings exclusivity and uniqueness to our clients. For every client, the design produced are carefully planned, conceptualized through understanding deeply the origin of their brand, their inspiration, their values and their market, combining them together in a visual composition of exquisite detailing from its form to color/s to high quality material/s suitable to represent our client's identity and brand positioning. We believe that the strength of a company lies in the concreteness of her values. Hence, we take serious dedication in handing our clients works of quality and prestige to communicate to their audience effectively.  

Our Creative Team

Sabrina Tamami

Creative Director

Sabrina ensures that N.Q.O design style is consistent and contemporary so that they can appeal to the different age groups. N.Q.O products have to be convenient with a touch of personalisation. The designs should be unique and distinctive. Sabrina is an expert in graphic and product design, detailed drawings and digital works. She has had experience in designing bespoke items for Sultans, Royalties, VIPs and Government bodies.

Nur Ayse San (Aysha)

Art Director


Ayse works with her creative director in realising design ideas and concepts, color use, aesthetic quality and details, transforming the digital work into merchandise and is in charge of crafting the product with both machine and by hand together with her craftsmen. Ayse's strength is being skilled in detailed drawings and having a keen eye for detail and precision that she recognise materials that would be the right fit for the product, packaging and client's requests and needs. She has experience in handmade items and have assisted famous veteran Korean artists in their artwork production by hand. She manages the operations, oversees the production and product quality in the company.